Where There Is a Will: God Does Not Have Favourites


Where There Is a Will: God Does Not Have Favourites

by Venansio Ahabwe



About the author
Venansio Ahabwe is an African writer who set out as a teacher of language and literature and a columnist in newspapers and magazines in East Africa. His other books include Globalisation and the Mother Tongue in Uganda (2011) and To Hell with Male Prostitutes and Other Stories (2015). Where There Is a Will is the latest in the growing list of publications by this author. He is a seasoned communications expert who has also worked as a child rights advocate and supported various USAID-funded projects, including the famous Communication for Healthy Communities Program, implemented by FHI360 in Uganda.

About the book
Everything is possible if one is determined. Scripture is rich with characters who were handicapped in severe ways but who still managed to register terrific success after they defied all odds ranged against them. Abraham was too old, Moses was only a shepherd, David was both young and untested in the art of war, Job was experienced physical and economic disasters, Zacchaeus was too short, and many more. Yet they all were able to attain enviable reputations. This book therefore shows that nothing is impossible for one who believes.

Additional information

Author's Name

Venansio Ahabwe

Publication Date

October 9, 2019




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