Wind to Freedom: Perilous Times Demand Actions Commensurate to the Degree of Peril


Wind to Freedom: Perilous Times Demand Actions Commensurate to the Degree of Peril

by Ralph A. Crevoisier



About the author
Ralph A. Crevoisier is the only child of a loving couple who was themselves raised to young adulthood on hardscrabble rental farms. He was born at his maternal grandmother’s house in Little Black Township, Randolph County, Arkansas in 1932,

After being interrupted by war, “The Korean Conflict,” he received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree and went on to gain a Masters of Dental Science degree. After years of service to his fellow men as a health- caregiver, and Clinical associate professor, he retired and now writes novels and magazine articles. Ralph now lives in Texas.

About the book
The novel, “Wind to Freedom,” is a tale about a family’s struggle with the basic toils and subsequent crises of life they encountered in eighteenth-century Europe. Mother Nature brought about their first life-changing decision and caused them to evacuate their ancestral homes in Switzerland and flee to a more business, and climate-friendly Normandy. Once ensconced there, life returned to normal and the Family flourished while they regained their previous Bourgeoisie status.

The second, and most dire situation, the family faced was brought on by a Historical tumult in the French government occurring in 1789. Once again the family was faced with survival, But this time their options narrowed to only one. They must abandon their newly adopted country or die at the hands of a blood-crazed mob, intent on ridding the country of Royals and Bourgeoisie.

Their decision to secretly leave France was an easy one to make because they obeyed the laws of nature to flee or perish.

While the family members were never Nobles by birth, their characters and moral obligations to their fellow men, caused them to be held by their countrymen as akin to the Royals.

The youngest, and most adventurous of the family members was instrumental in transporting both himself and his fiancee by boat along with a surprise passenger to the shores of a newly formed country in North America. The older members of his family escaped to England and there they remained.

Additional information

Author's Name

Ralph A. Crevoisier

Publication Date

January 7, 2020




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