Wuss the Giant Sea Monster: Brad Reno and Crystal Brook Confront MOASM


Wuss the Giant Sea Monster: Brad Reno and Crystal Brook Confront MOASM

by G.G. Royal



About the author
G. G. Royal is a Georgia native and a US Navy veteran. His diverse experiences have given him a depth of empathy and insight few authors have to draw from. He retired from the dental industry and has since retired from a second career as an Emergency Room RN in his hometown hospital.

About the book
Wuss the Giant Sea Monster was first released in 2017 as a short story. After much encouragement from others to keep going with the story I began to realize that this was just the beginning. So, with that in mind, I personally gave, Wuss the Giant Sea Monster, a well deserved rewrite and started on Part 2, In part two the story begins by bringing back Brad Reno and Crystal Brook, reporter from, WPBG St. Petersburg, FL, just weeks after Brad’s encounter and introducing several other interesting characters, including the old Charleston shrimp boat captain and a team of scientists in Southern California exploring the Sea of Cortez, investigating why fish are leaving the area and Humboldt squid attacks are increasing as their behavior changes are being studied. The culmination of this adventure ends with a climactic confrontation of Brad and Crystal, along with Japanese fishermen and the Japanese Navy with MOASM, The Mother of All Sea Monsters, in the waters of Tokyo Bay. A real page-turner.

Wuss the Giant Sea Monster reviews. Ariana Huffington “This is a daring, delightful and transformative book.”

5 Stars J. Grahovac “Really like this author”
5 Stars R. Rojas “Love and a concerned relationship with emotions, excitement, and courage”
5 Stars Carmen Matos “Beautiful, Looking forward to more books by this author”
5 Stars Ramona M. “Thrilling and kept me on edge through the whole thing. Hope the author continues the story.”

Additional information

Author's Name

G. G. Royal

Publication Date

October 24, 2019




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