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Founded in 1998, Foreword Magazine, Inc. is an independent media company totally devoted to covering the indie book publishing industry. Foreword exists to fill that void, giving a platform for indie publishers to be discovered by our varied audience of librarians, booksellers, book-loving consumers, publishers, agents, and other publishing professionals.

Published bi-monthly, Foreword Reviews is still the only magazine showcasing critical reviews and title trends exclusively from the expanding independent publishing market. With readership of more than 30,000 librarians and booksellers—including 1,100 American Bookseller Association members—all of whom make buying decisions and reader recommendations that affect the reading habits of millions of patrons and consumers. Foreword Reviews is also carried in all Books-A-Million bookstores, select Barnes & Noble stores, and independent bookstores across the country.

Winners and Finalist of Foreword’s Awards program will be entitled to:

Foreword Review Magazine Print Advertising comes in three packages: FRM’s Premium, FRM’s Advanced and FRM’s Standard.

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