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Challenges of the Crooked Path

Challenges of the Crooked Path

by Shirley J. Gilbert, Ph D

About The Book

I have found that managing the reality of the crooked path is a lifelong challenge that doesn’t end until we take our last breath. It will always be unfinished business. For me, it will always be part of a grand personal experience that is sacred to each person who must discover and create it for themselves. It is a cherished and hated maze.

It is the mystery that embraces every cell of our body. It gives us different pieces of itself at different times. It takes us outside of the box in order to teach us but restrains us to reconcile with the social forces surrounding us where we will always be challenged to find the balance.

The process of the crooked path requires us to quiet our minds in order to follow our hearts. The noise of life distracts us We must find our own thoughts, choose our own truths, live our own lives, and find our own path, no matter what.

The dance of our crooked path passes quickly. It is ours to create, it is ours to own, it is ours to let go….. It is ours to connect with the dance of others, some for a moment, some for a lifetime, some for a kind of fantasy that helps us create connectedness.

The reality of our crooked path is leading us to the end of the path we have chosen, one breath at a time with the dance of death, where we will transition to new beginnings.

The conclusions of this crooked path series tell a story of immense challenges for many of its characters.
The crooked path can present enormous challenges that can move any of us to ecstasy or break our hearts. Every main character in the stories of the crooked path has endured severe challenges.
From Sam’s boyhood to Andy’s final years, there is a continuing saga of events throughout the stories of the crooked path, many of which are almost unbelievable.
For each of us, the path presents challenges we often don’t foresee. Some of them appear unsurvivable. The strength that humans endure to keep going is beyond belief, a fact which Andy exemplifies.
This final story of Andy’s life, while tragic, is linked to reality for most of us. We often endure challenges that look like mountains we are unprepared to climb. We find we get to the top one step at a time. We finally come to understand and accept that the challenges of the complex and crooked path will always be there.

Publication date November 06,2021
Language English
ISBN (Paperback)
978-1-63871-699-0 (E-BOOK)
Genre Nonfiction, Self-Help
Pages 114
Interior Color Black and White
Book Size 4.000" x 6.000" (152mm x 102 mm)


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