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Rainedrops from Heaven

Rainedrops from Heaven

Spiritual Medium Raine continues to share experiences of life, death and love

by Raine

About The Book

In Rainedrops from Heaven, Raine, a spiritual medium, shares experiences through both her own and her client’s facilitation with those entities on the other side of the veil. This is a very inspiring book that takes the reader on a journey of discovering the possibilities of life after death.

Raine introduces past lives that include personal experiences as well as clients’, under clinical hypnosis, revealing glimpses of past-life recall. This is an opportunity for the reader to deepen their understanding of these subjects.

This book became an award-winning book by winning the NABE Pinnacle Book Award 2015, Readers Favorite Five-Star Book Award, and The Authors Show 2015 “50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading.” My thanks goes to the competition organizers of these prestigious awards.

Raine’s previous book, And Rainedrops Fall Down My Cheeks, received three awards for her expertise in writing (NABE and Readers Favorite). Rainedrops from Heaven gives a deeper insight into spiritual learnings for those looking for spiritual guidance and validation. Readers will appreciate the easy way of writing Raine uses as they become more aware of both their surroundings and those around them that are unseen. This book will open yearnings within you for more knowledge of your spiritual potential. It is truly an inspired book.

Publication date February 19,2022
Language English
ISBN (Paperback)
979-8-88622-015-5 (E-BOOK)
Genre Self-Help
Pages 88
Interior Color Black and White
Book Size 6.000" x 9.000" (229mm x 152mm)

About The Author

Raine is an international medium who has published And Rainedrops Fall Down My Cheeks, which won two awards—a NABE Pinnacle Book Award in the category of spiritual and Readers Favorite Finalist in the category of autobiography. Raine’s second book Rainedrops from Heaven won the NABE Pinnacle Book Award, Readers Favorite 5-Star Award and The Authors entry into their 2015 edition of “50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading.” Raine has an easy way of writing that will touch your heart in places you weren’t even aware of. With a background in the health field and a clinical hypnotherapist, Raine’s spiritual gifts helped her to become well known as a healer. Raine offers personal and online spiritual readings as well as past-life hypnotherapy sessions. Check out her website at for more information. Raine lives in New Zealand, their grown children have fled the nest making their own way through life. It is always special when we gather as a family as they are the most precious in our lives. Raine is also a marriage celebrant and does other ceremonies too such as pet memorials, name-giving ceremonies, and funerals.


RAINEDROPS FROM HEAVEN Love And Acceptance Reading the first and second book by Raine, the author of the 2 books, let me have a incredible insight into the different world of the spirit. And it tells me again, that there is more to life than one can even imagine. Accepting any different believes through love. Well done Raine and keep it up Reviewed by Gigi Sedlmayer, the author of the Talon book series.
- May 07, 2022

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