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Real Wealth

Real Wealth

How to Obtain and Keep It

by Wm. Hovey Smith

About The Book

After writing three business books promoting entrepreneurship, Wm. Hovey Smith felt it was time to write a more philosophical work. Real Wealth examines the nature of wealth, how it is derived, and its contribution to living a fulfilled life. The author suggests that readers search their backgrounds to discover hidden assets and implement the author’s works. The author draws from his own life experiences, successes, and failures to describe a new way to consider one’s life and heritage and how to best profit from it. One of the key tenets of Real Wealth is that there is nothing in human experience that cannot be turned to profit by an inventive mind.


Publication date June 22,2023
Language English
ISBN (Paperback)
979-8-88963-610-6 (E-BOOK)
Genre Nonfiction, Self-Help
Pages 90
Interior Color Black and White
Book Size 6.000" x 9.000" (229mm x 152mm)

About The Author

Wm. Hovey Smith is a geologist and outdoor writer who worked and hunted all over North America. He sold his first article in the 1970s and has continued writing ever since. His work has been in 80 different publications and has written 20 books and produced 1,000 YouTube videos. He recently published his first novel, Until Death Do You Part: An American Family Meets Their Sicilian Cousins, and is presently promoting a screenplay, Blood Ties, based on the novel.

His outdoor and business books are available worldwide in softcover and e-book formats. One limited demand eight-book e-book series, Muzzleloading Short Shots, was rereleased as an interactive book with links to related YouTube videos. His business books are noted for fiving step-by-step guides on starting businesses. His blogs and videos provide additional information to his readers and may be accessed through his website, or .


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