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Wondering of Inner Self

Wondering of Inner Self

(Volume 1)

by Billy D. Nagengast

About The Book

I know what it is like to go through life alone. Not having any one there to help you go through the darken times. Not having any one to share your life with. As I was writing down things, I also wanted to cover other things that happens in our world. To see if people would think about things, and maybe change the way we live our lives before it will be to late. Most of all, to reach out to those that feel alone in life and don't have no one talk to about their darken times. So they know that there is someone that is out there knows and understand what they are going through. In some way to help. I have had some people read my poetry, they told me it helped them. There was even three people was even thinking about killing themselves. Than when they read my words, it helped them. It saved them. So If my words can do that for others. It is worth it, to get my words out there. I can't sing so I figure, poetry is another way to reach out.



Publication date July 26,2023
Language English
ISBN (Paperback)
979-8-88963-739-4 (E-BOOK)
Genre Poetry
Pages 276
Interior Color Black and White
Book Size 6.000" x 9.000" (229mm x 152mm)

About The Author

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