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    Virgil D. Mochel

    A Great Depression Survivor and Winner

    Virgil D. Mochel was born in a farm near South Bend, Indiana during the Great Depression, and growing up in one of US history’s most trying periods had made him grow spine of steel and a man who thoroughly enjoys the simple pleasures of life. 


    Aside from being a husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, Virgil is also a researcher with a PhD in physical chemistry, a writer, a musician, and a play director and producer. But amongst all this profession and titles, the one Virgil invested most of his time lately was with being a writer—more specifically, becoming a family historian and story keeper. With the books he published with PageTurner Press and Media as proof of these endeavors.


    With PageTurner, Mochel had published Virgil’s Story, which tracks the movement of his European ancestors before their migration to the New World. Here, he also shares the life journey he and his wife, Marian, had since the start of their relationship. He also published A Friendly King, a story of their Border collie who had befriended everyone in their community and had become the neighborhood dog.


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    Patrick Gillen

    Western Lit Fan Writes about a Famed Wild West Doctor

    Patrick Gillen is a fan of everything Western, after having his childhood filled with Western TV shows, movies, and books. This diet in Western literature has brough up a lifetime fascination in him where he spent 47 years of his life researching about a famed Western historical figure Dr. John H. Holliday, whom he shared an affinity as he himself is in the medical field. And he shares this fascination to the world in his historical fiction novel Yours Truly, J. H. Holliday.


    One of PageTurner Press and Media’s beloved Western fiction, Gillen was able to show his fascination of this doctor. This time, he shared the story of the doctor, his adventures and misadventures, even as he battled against his lifelong disease, tuberculosis. Drawing on his knowledge in the field of medicine and his extensive readings and background on the Wild West, be prepared to be transported to the Wild West of Dr. John H. Holliday.

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    Ralph Mosgrove

    Community Servant’s Thoughts on Gratitude and Love

    Ralph Mosgrove spent most of his life in service to the community. Having served in the Navy, he has proven his willingness to serve the country and his countrymen, but his service doesn’t end there. His passion to serve continues even as he retired from the Navy. He has served as a pastor for more than two decades at the Church of Nazarene and has been an active organist for almost two decades.


    And it is this passion that led him to write Saying Thanks and Beyond: Is Saying Thank You Enough?, one of PageTurner Press and Media’s most beloved books. In this book, Mosgrove presents a guide on how to express gratitude and how to right actions can create a chain of kind actions and mindful acts. It is the kind of book that reflects Mosgrove desire to serve and inspire.


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    Hovey M. Tyndall

    Numbers Master Shares the Secret to Happiness and Success

    Hovey Tyndall spent most of his life deciphering the mysteries of numbers. Having a degree in mathematics and working for GE in finance and strategic planning, he is well-versed in numbers, and he wishes to share this to the rest of the world when he penned his book Improving Your Happiness and Success, which was published under PageTurner Press and Media.


    Tyndall believed that 90 percent of the population are not inclined toward mathematics and numbers. And with his book Improving Your Happiness and Success, he sought to change the minds of the 90 percent. Through his book, he hoped to share the wonders numbers and help them improve their life at home and at work and help them in their decision-making. He believes that through these things, he would be able to help people achieve happiness and success in life.


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    Jeanne Webb Davis

    “Brother” Jeanne: Imparting Wisdom and Insights on Faith

    Being surrounded by ministers, it’s no wonder Jeanne Webb Davis became one and found the courage to become one of God’s ordained mouthpieces. As a daughter and wife of Methodist ministers, Jeanne has spent her life filled with ministry and missions to spread the Word of God.


    In a book published with PageTurner Press and Media, titled A Word with “Brother” Jeanne, she recounted the experience she had, with her husband, during their time in Texas. What had begun as a weekly column for a church paper became a window for readers to view the ministry and the call of ministering at a more intimate level, coming from the eyes of someone who has experienced ministry and ministering all her life.


    Laugh, cry, and be fascinated with the wonders of faith through the eyes of “Brother” Jeanne. Be captivated by the person behind the words and the rich experience she imparts in her book.


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    J. W. Murphy

    Theologian’s View of the Book of Revelations

    J. W. Murphy had never contemplated a career in the church, despite having devout Christian parents—that is until he turned nineteen and decided to receive the Lord’s grace. This turning point of his life propelled him to take up an undergraduate major in Bible and theology and a master’s degree in divinity. His continued discovery of the wonders of God and of His Word brought him and his wife to life of preaching and pastoring over different locations across the United States.


    As a scholar of the Bible, he found himself forever trying to decipher the mysteries of the different books of the Bible, especially the Book of Revelations in the New Testament. His quest brought him to publishing a book with PageTurner Press and Media, titled A View from Above: Options for Understanding the Revelation of Jesus Christ. Here, he tried to examine the said book with both the traditional and modern view of reading the text, and effectively breaking down the complex information presented in the book.


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    Mick E. Jones

    Multifaceted Virtuoso Reveals Personal Reflections through Books

    Mick E. Jones had accomplished a lot —from sports, to entertainment, to literature, to public speaking. His expertise and experience in different fields had made him reflective of life in general, and he shares this reflections through his books Cat Tales: Da Real Pussy and In the Moment.


    Though he may be writing about his reflections on subjects such as cats and the beauty of the moment, his humor and joie de vivre shone through. His unique views and wonders about the world were evident in both books, which were published by PageTurner Press and Media. Both thoughtful and humorous, his books are his contribution to the world of introspection and reflection.


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Prizewinning Authors

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Natsuya Uesugi Dubois

The 2021 Triumphs of PageTurner’s Favorite Cyberpunk Fictionist

Natsuya Uesugi’s cyberpunk epic grydscaen series challenged our perception of technology and how it would affect us in the future. Filled with wonderful illustrations and a thrilling tale of the cyberworld, Uesugi’s grydscaen world was a marvel. It was no wonder then that Uesugi’s grydscaen: dark created waves in the literary world as it earned awards and honorable mentions.


Grydscaen: dark was one of the winners for the Teen category for Speak Up Talk Radio’s July 2021 Firebird Book Award and was a runner-up for the 2021 PenCraft Book Award, under the Thriller—General category. This PageTurner Press ad Media best seller was also in the honorable mention list in the 2021 San Francisco Book Festival, for the Young Adult category, and at the 2021 Hollywood Book Festival, for the Science Fiction category. It had also been nominated to various book award-giving bodies, including the New England Book Festival (Fiction genre), International Impact Book Awards (Adventure Genre), Book Excellence Award (Technology Genre), and the Royal Dragonfly Book Award (Science Fiction/Fantasy category). And just recently, Natsuya bagged the October 2021 International Impact Book Award for Adventure for his grydscaen: dark.


Book Awards

PageTurner’s Authors Get Nods from the Pacific Book Reviewers

For this year’s Pacific Book Awards, PageTurner’s authors gained the approval from different Pacific Book reviewers as six authors won seven book categories and five authors placed as finalists for six different categories.

The winning pack was led by Stanley D. Rainbow who won the Best Philosophy and Best Spirituality categories for his book God Inspired Quotations and Understandings. Diana Gillmor’s 1946: A True Story of Wealth, Extraordinary Success and Great Tragedy was named the Best Biography, while T. Steele Petry’s Little Abbey and Her Animals was the Best Children’s Picture Book for six and older. Robert J. O’Keefe’s Liberty and the Wall: Of Separation between Church and State won the Best Current Events and Politics book, Subhash S. Naik won the Best Education book for The Earth in Custody: Verse of lament and comment, and Christine Korb’s The Music Therapy Profession: Inspiring Health, Wellness, and Joy was name the Best Philosophy book.

PageTurner authors who made it to the finalists’ list include Terry Boucher for her book Christmas Peas and Princesses: A Story of Love and Dreams (Best Children’s Book), Joann Klusmeyer’s Treasure Chest (Coming of Age), Jean Anderson’s Nurturing from Afar (Best Memoir), J. Henry Warren’s Made in America 2.0 (Best Non-Fiction), and Summer Bozohora’s Soul Side Out: Universal Laws to Healing and Living Your Best Life (Best Spirituality and Best Self-Help).

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