Why PageTurner, Press and Media?

Why PageTurner?

Admit it. The name itself tells you you’re in for something big.
We’re the friendliest option out there for both new and experienced authors. We lay the plans in black and white and you determine which road you want to take. Nothing goes wrong when you deal with the experts. Work with the likes of New York Times, Readers Digest, Google Ads, Goodreads and more in bringing the brightest angles of your book.

It’s your book. Safeguard it!
Maintain 100% of all the copyrights to your book. It’s your property and we’re your custodian.

Get your lion’s share!
You authored the work and we’re here to showcase it to the world. Get one hundred per cent (100%) of the net proceeds of your every book sale through royalties, not ten, not eighty but one hundred per cent all throughout.

The world is your stage.
PageTurner treats every manuscript just about the same— paramount! Whether you’re working on a memoir, a children’s book, a contemporary work or a sci fi novel, we’ll be sure to give it the best chance it deserves by setting up the world for your launch. Establish your brand with the help of Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google, Ingram and more.

Your book will stay in print for as long as you want it. We digitally store your work so it’s available for individual or wholesale orders 24-7.