Rodeo Queen 101


Rodeo Queen 101

by Anne T. Reason



About the book
At age four, Anne T. Reason fell in love with everything about the rodeo–especially saddle bronc riding. Years later, she married a saddle bronc rider who at the age of fifty-two, ignored his bad knees and arthritis and rode his first bull. Throughout all her years of attending and working rodeos, Reason has developed a great passion for the sport, the people, their responsibilities, and, most of all, their deep love and appreciation for their livestock.

In a comprehensive reference manual, Reason consults experts such as past queens, judges, directors, and an equine vet to share valuable, behind-the-scenes insight for future rodeo queens and their families. Through timeless and expert guidance, future competitors will learn helpful interview preparation tips, general information about the horsemanship competition and arena etiquette, how to find and model proper rodeo attire, and how to properly care for equines. Also included is a large glossary of rodeo and western terms as well as illustrations.

Rodeo Queen 101 combines expertise with personal stories to provide step-by-step direction for future rodeo queens and their families interested in competiing locally and nationally.

Additional information

Author's Name

Anne T. Reason

Publication Date

September 12, 2020






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